Adult Services


  • Crisis Intervention – This service can be utilized in crisis situations to meet an acute/ temporary needs.
  • Homemaker Program – A supportive service for elderly/disabled individuals. This program can assist with transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping.  
  • Representative Payee – This program assists individuals with managing their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits to help them maintain a safe and secure home environment.
  • Adult Daycare Case Management – Provides case management activities to individuals in Adult Daycare programs to support their personal independence by promoting their social, physical and emotional well-being.
  • Special Assistance In-Home Program – This program provides financial support for medical needs to those who are eligible to live in a licensed residential care facility but who desire to and can safely remain in their home.
  • Placement Assistance – Offers information about placing a family member in an Adult Care Home and how to access the state rating system of the Adult Care Homes.

      For assistance obtaining these services call (910) 677-2388



GS-APS-Guardianship pic1-1Adult Protective Services (APS): Works to ensure the personal safety and well-being of elderly citizens of Cumberland County. We investigate suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation of disabled people ages 18 and over.

Our Intake Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation. When calling in an APS report, please make sure you have as much information as possible so a complete and accurate assessment can be made.

Daytime hours please call (910) 677-2389, after hours (910) 489-4583.

Adult Home Specialist-
The Adult Home Specialist is responsible for the monitoring of licensed facilities to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the state. The Adult Home Specialist also handles complaint investigations.



GS-APS-Guardianship pic3-1Guardianship is a legal empowerment of one person (the guardian) authorized by the Clerk of Superior Court to make legal decisions for an incompetent adult (the ward).

This program is for adults who have been adjudicated incompetent by the court. Directors and Assistant Directors of local human services agencies are appointed to serve as guardians when no other adult or corporation is available and willing.

Anyone interested in additional information about these programs can contact the Cumberland County Department of Social Services at 910-677-2389 and ask for the Intake Social Worker.



The CARE Family Violence Program provides domestic violence services to victims, children and the abusers.  This program strives to end violence in the home and assist individuals to establish and maintain positive, nonviolent relationships.  The services available at the CARE Center include:  a safe house, crisis line, advocacy, legal information, training, case management, individual counseling, parenting workshop, women’s and children’s support groups, and batterer’s treatment (RESOLVE).  All services are free except the RESOLVE treatment program.

Crisis Line assistance is available 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.  Call 910-677-2532.  For all other non-crisis business with the Care Center, please call 910-677-2528.  Our office is located in the Department of Social Services building at 1225 Ramsey St.

Our office is located in the Department of Social Services building at 1225 Ramsey Street. Crisis Line assistance is available 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. Call 910-677-2532. For all other non-crisis business with the Care Center, please call 910-677-2528.

Thank you to the Family Violence Prevention Services Program, US DHHS, and NC Council for Women for financial support.



Work First Employment Services are for families with minor children.  Adult recipients of Work First Family Assistance (WFFA) cash assistance benefits are provided services and support to help them achieve self-sufficiency.  Employed families with income below 200% of the federal poverty level are evaluated for short-term services.  Examples of available services include transportation assistance, uniforms, training, and limited emergency financial assistance.  

Call 677-2392 for more information.



Transportation picMedicaid Transportation services are available for Medicaid beneficiaries that have been assessed by their Medicaid caseworker and found in need of transportation for doctor appointments and other medically-related transportation. These services are provided within and outside of Cumberland County (Duke Hospital system and UNC Chapel Hill Hospital system, etc…) and are free to the Medicaid beneficiary. Prior approval is required for all transportation trips outside of Cumberland County.  Services are provided by the most cost-effective method via FAST buses, County vehicles, personal vehicles and contract vehicles.

To arrange for Medicaid Transportation services, please contact the transportation unit at (910)677-2526.


Cumberland County Medicaid Transportation provides fee pay services for non-Medicaid customers for out of county transportation. To arrange for these services, please contact the transportation unit at (910)677-2526.


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